Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chai Ho Satay, Dried Pork


Satay, how I love these pieces of marinated meat on stick. This is a place where an awesome colleague of mine(who makes great dessert) introduced me when I was craving out loud about me missing satay. He told me that this is a famous shop, where during CNY it will sell Bak Kwa and then after that revert to satay. Located in Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre(right behind Clementi Mall), if you can't find it, look for the following : POSB, a yellow signboard , smoke and well, a queue. Please do not come on Monday- it took me two rounds to finally find the shop during my first hunt to finally find it - closed on Monday......

Determined, I went the next day during dinner time to really satisfy my craving, and I finally found the store opened, with a long queue. At about 7:30pm, I ordered around 20 sticks of chicken and 5 sticks of pork satay. There is no more ketupat for sale so unfortunately I can't say anything about it. After taking my order, the store owner told the lady " sorry, we are left with 16 sticks of chicken only", and the lady took it regardless with a few other customers leaving after asking " really no more ar~". At around 7:30pm, they are sold out...... It is just the start of dinner time and it's already sold out? I do not know if it is the normal situation, or there are many who come on a monday evening only to find it closed, and hence return the next day with "vengence" in mind and bought a whole lot before me. Phew~ Lets get on with the food proper.

Chicken & Pork Satay (38 cents each)

What is the magic to these satay that causes them to be sold out so soon? I guess I do not need to introduce what is satay to you guys. So let's keep it simple.

These satay looks good, with the nice amount of char and shine to them. Maybe my craving is making them sparkle even more, but it's how I see it. Not a single piece I got was overdone and poses an extra dose of cell mutation risk, each piece carries about the same adequate amount of cell mutation risk. Nicely done boss!

When I was about to dig in, I ran into a tiny problem. I can't find my pork satay! I have to concentrate to find the signature section of pork fat in the satay. Some swears by them, some swears when they see them, I swear a bit if it's really good or really horrible. After some scanning with 4 of my eyes, I finally found it

Pork? Chicken?

Chicken? Pork?
I sink my teeth into the pork satay, followed by the chicken one. They can stand alone well enough on their own. Not only do they look similar, their taste is pretty much on par with each other, with neither one besting each other. The meat is tender enough without me struggling to get them off the stick, nor were they many strands of meat stubbornly sticking to the stick after you remove them. This again shows the nice BBQ-ing skills of the boss. 

The chunky peanut sauce is good and serves it purpose in enhancing the flavor. But the satay can really do well enough by themselves for the flavor of the marination is deep enough. Chai Ho Satay is a really traditional, well-rounded performer in all areas of how a satay is being cooked. 

Score: 4.25/5.0

Chai Ho Satay, Dried Pork
Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre

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