Monday, February 6, 2012

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken


Hot Star Large Fried Chicken (Hao Da Da Ji Pai) is here in Singapore. Located in City Square Mall, this franchise is the third country after Hong Kong to have Hot Star Chicken. Always excited by fried chicken, I checked it out as soon as I got news of it. (though the post is very late)

Hot Star Chicken

The main characteristic of taiwanese fried chicken is that these chicken pieces are huge. For Hot Star, their chicken is HUGE indeed. Take a look, bigger than an average women's palm.
There's 2 flavors available, Original and Spicy and I got both. My first reaction after my first bite was "Hot !". Well, this is due to their policy where the chicken is thrown into the oil only after you order, so you gotta wait a while to receive your fresh and Hot! Hot Star Chicken. The chicken breast fillet stays moist and tender beneath the super crispy coating. After 15-20 minutes, it's less hot but still as moist on the inside with the outer layer retaining its crisp. No sign of sogginess due to moisture from the environment or the meat within.
Spicy Side
One thing they will NOT do is cut your chicken. It'll be presented to you as how you see it. You can cut it yourself if you want to, but they do not cut it for you. To show that they are serious, they have no scissors in the shop.(Just my conjecture)

Personally, I prefer the Original to the Spicy variant for the original gives the original(duh)  fragrance and flavor of the chicken. But both are equally and exceptionally crispy and juicy.

Plum Fries

I'll just keep it short. The fries are sooo crispy that stayed that way even after 15 minutes with a seasoning that is just slightly sweet without saturating your tongue. This plum fries is really an awesome snack. Too bad the serving is a lil' small.

Hot Star Fried Chicken
City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road, #B1-K7, Singapore

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