Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Awfully Chocolate


* The comments below is purely the preferences of the author, and it is never in any way a way to incite a Dark vs White vs Milk Chocolate war. Eat what you love, and enjoy it. *

Life is short and bitter, but it is the little bits and pieces of sweetness that lights up our life. So, I can never really understand dark chocolate. To quote from one dark choco lover who told me " The darker it is, the bitterer it is, the better it is". I prefer my chocolate sweet and able to make me smile, not cringe at the bitterness.

In any case, this is a shop (sorry, a chain of them) which specialises in chocolate cake. It has now expanded their repertoire to include a range of other cakes and ice cream too. Of course they are all chocolate related according to their namesake.( Though it'll not be a good idea to create stuff according to the first word in their name)


Super Stacked Chocolate Cake

This is the evolution of their original product, a dark chocolate fudge cake. I will have to say, this is indeed a cake. No extra cream or whatsoever, dark chocolate cake constitutes about 50% with dark chocolate fudge filling up the layers. It did not live up to my expectations as from the ravings I read/heard.
Score : 3.25/5.0

White Chocolate Butterscotch Block

A Dark chocolate Swiss roll cake covered with mildly sweet white chocolate cream. In the middle and on top is salty caramel.

The salty caramel, blends in really well with the white chocolate. The cake however, tastes really simple and ordinary, and if I'm not wrong is the same cake in the super stacked chocolate cake. This cake satisfies my sweet tooth pretty well while not leaving you feeling too saturated.

Score: 4.0/5.0

Hei Ice Cream

Awfully chocolate's single flavor, premium dark chocolate ice cream. With the word 黑(Hei) in reference to the word dark. The ice cream is not black, but a velvety dark brown. Never once will you not be reminded that this is a dark chocolate ice cream, but the after taste is way too bitter. It takes the fun out of the initial richness and faces it a really strong and lasting bitter effect. Oh, to use the word premium for ice cream and charging accordingly, naturally I will have my fair share of expectations. My face became a bit 黑黑(Hei Hei= Black)  to find some ice crystals in the ice cream. 

The serving was generous for a single scoop, and I believe those who digs dark chocolate for it's bitterness will love digging into this ice cream.

Score : 3.25/5.0

White Chocolate Cupcake

The same cake you find(?) in the super stacked chocolate cake with a white chocolate flavored cream on top.

Score : 3.25/5.0


After more than a decade and expansion overseas, Awfully Chocolate definitely have its fair share of fans. Those who wants some chocolate in their life, but yet do not like it too sweet will love it. The price is a bit on the high side though, especially with the system of charging by weight. This means you must have spare cash if they accidentally cut a larger slice, so students on a budget, bring more cash. Dark chocolate fans rejoice for it will always serve as a good source of
nourishment for their needs.

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