Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sole Pomodoro

Pizzas are always among the top few comfort food I crave for when I... crave for comfort food. As far as I can remember, my first pizza is probably the pan Hawaiian Pizza from Pizza Hut. Thick and doughy crust is what I associate pizza with for years, until the thin and crispy version, which I do not fancy much.

Anyways, Sole Pomodoro is located within walking distance from Little India MRT, and is directly opposite Rex Cinema. You can't miss the restaurant with their bright blue signs

I visited the restaurant during dinner time and the entire restaurant is lit by a few lights and tiny candles on the table. Great for dates, but not great for taking pictures. So pardon the little shadows created by the flickering from the candlelight.


Free flow bread with Gaspaccia dip

Wow, I gotta say, though the bread with sundried tomatoes are a little hard, the dip is really good. I asked the waitress what the name of the dip is, and she told me that it was called Gaspaccia dip. This dip is a cucumber onion-like dip that is really refreshing and saved the bread. It was so good, I had to stop myself from filling up before the mains.


Mmmm~ Freshly arrived in time to fight my resistance against more bread, the pizza had an aroma that I once again have to fight the urge to dig in before snapping some pictures.

Mushroom, roasted ham, salami and artichoke rest atop the wonderfully chewy crust with a crispy edge. The creamy and chewy mozarella here is done in 'spots' but is sufficient. The tomato sauce is so fresh I have no doubts that it's made from the very best pomodoro available. It adds to a layer of taste that you cannot find in delivery pizzas. 

Score: 4.25/5.0

Panna Cotta Al Cioccolato Bianco
Score: 4.25/5.0

Maybe I'm hungry, but the trip here is filled with lots of resistance. Me resisting to dig in before I take any pictures. Sole Pomodoro is an awesome place if you are looking for some awesome and authentic pizzas in Singapore.

Sole Pomodoro
Closed on Monday
12/21 Mackenzie Road #01-01
(Opp Rex Cinema) Walking distance from Little India MRT
Singapore 228678

12.00pm to 11.00 pm

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