Wednesday, September 21, 2011

il Gelato di Bruno


"Ring~Ring~" is not a sound you would normally hear in Citylink Mall. Hunting for some sweet ending to my dinner in Raffles City Shopping Centre, I was solicited by a cheerful lady who welcomed me into a shop to sample their Gelato.

There's a load of choices available (23-24 in total), with each flavor decorated by a cartoon holding a sign of the flavor's name. It is interesting to note the cartoon sign holders are mainly ladies.

2 Lucky Cartoon Male Sign Holders in Gelato Land

The staff was extremely pleasant and willing to explain to me what are the best sellers and what are in the individual flavors when all the names just sounds alien to me. They really sold me an experience that other ice cream/gelato shops failed to give me even if they offer samples; there were some places where I'd met a few disgruntled faces upon asking for a sample before my purchase. However, the staff here really offers excellent service, and I hope it'll continue for I'm sold.

Freshly made everyday with 23/24 flavors everyday, they stock up on certain flavors catering to those seeking some indulgence in their diet (sugar-free gelato). I did not try those for I can't imagine ice cream/gelato with no sugar. Sugarless gelato/ice cream is just like vegetarian meat to me.

Anyways, after sampling a few, I decided to have 2 medium cups with...


Cookies, Extra Milk, Hazelnut

Meckid, Carapino, Hazelnut(again?)

Cookie is a sweet cookie dough flavor while extra milk is extra milky milk chocolate and hazelnut is, like hazelnut cream.

Meckid is a swirl of white and milk chocolate which tastes a tiny bit like coconut, Carapino is caramel and pinenuts which could do with more nuts while hazelnut is so nice that I ordered it again.

What's amazing here is that while many ice cream/gelato shops offer tons of flavors, and I often fall into the trap of ordering a mix only to find myself feeling that I only taste "sweet" and nothing else after a while; il Gelato di Bruno's flavors manage to distinct themselves from each other in this ice cream orgy of flavors. The extremely generous portions made me feel like I couldn't finish it, but I did :D

The hazelnut here is really distinct and captures the essence of hazelnut cream really well. If you have to choose one flavor or do not like to mix, get Hazelnut. (I confirmed, Hazelnut is a mainstay flavor)

Score: 4.25/5.0


Probably due to the fact that it's made fresh daily, there is a

Yup, for those who are a bit skeptical about the price, feel free to head in for a sample anytime and/or try it out with this promotion. I've no idea how long it'll last, but this place, with it's outstanding service and fun flavors, is now one of my favorite gelato parlors.

Il Gelato di Bruno

1 Raffles Link
B1-26A Citylink Mall, Singapore 039393
Tel: 6238 9917
(inside Candylicious) 26 Sentosa Gateway
01-223 Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore 098138
Tel: 6686 2155

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