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Are you a late sleeper? On days with no morning obligations, I am almost definitely one. Hence I always miss breakfast, and breakfast food for that matter. Ever felt like eating pancakes or french toast during lunch or dinner time? All day breakfast is here. There are multiple restaurants in Singapore currently serving ADB, and Antoinette(not a person) is one of them who is here to satisfy our craving/s.

The entrance is charmingly simple and pleasing to the eyes, a step through the doors and you'll be greeted first by a bunch of beautiful desserts, each vying for your attention and attacking your hunger visually. So I'm going to be attacking you guys with pictures!

Looks very very nutty

Mid Autumn special - Mooncakes

The classy interior with fine comfy cushy seats is sure to make ladies squeal and guys squeal(secretly) in delight.


Burger Royale

I love my burgers, and seeing this item under the section 'Les Sanwiches' is really an easy choice for me. A nicely done pan fried beef patty with melted cheddar on wonderfully toasted brioche bread, tomato relish with mayonaise, lettuce, red onions and mustard. Accompanying it is honey dijon chips and petit salad.

The light brioche bread is just really well toasted, neither too charred and hard that biting into it causes harm to the oral cavity nor too lightly grilled. I really love how splendid the toast is here.

What's more impressive is the patty. This beef patty here is dripping with juice when it was laid on the table. Every bite is bursting with flavor and juice from the patty and is absolutely delicious. The wonderful colors adds to the overall appeal of this burger.

The honey dijon chips and the refreshing salad makes for fine accompaniment to the really impressive burger that exceeded my expectations on all levels. The chips are not home made but according to the staff, imported from France. Reminds me of the kettle honey dijon chips you can find in cold storage with a slightly lighter flavor.

If you are a carnivore and thought that you would not find love in Antoinette, Burger Royale is here.

Score: 4.5/5.0

French Toast with Caramelized Banana serve with Creme Chantilly

Thickly cut french toast sprinkled with fine powdered sugar, with caramelized bananas and cool chantilly cream on the side. This dish blurs the line between dessert and a main course as the portions are enough for a main, yet is a sweet treat.

The caramelized bananas are chosen among that of maple syrup, hot chocolate and salty caramel, so there is a choice for you if you do not fancy bananas. The chantilly cream is light,  fluffy and enhances the taste of the french toast and soft bananas. Yummy~

Score: 4.0/5.0

Gnocchi Carbonara

Here we have Gnocchi sautéed in in a white wine cream sauce with aged parmesan cheese.  Each knot of gnocchi is airy and slightly crusted. The carbonara sauce is creamy and rich. 

The poached egg is nothing short of beautiful and breaking it to see gooey yolk spilling out is just mmm~~~

It is a really enjoyable dish in general but the carbonara and starchy nature of gnocchi turns it into a sharing dish for 3-4 as it occupies stomach real estate and saturates your tongue very fast.

Score: 3.75/5.0


The titular dessert here is a pretty little chocolate dessert made up of milk chocolate mousse infused with earl grey tea, dark chocolate earl grey tea cremeux, chocolate biscuit and earl grey tea crumble. All that with a shiny ball of raspberry coulis(sauce).

What do you do with that ball of Raspberry coulis? Well, here's what you do with it.


The highlight of this dessert, besides the bursting of the raspberry ball, is the crunch in the 2 biscuit insides which balances the creamy mousse texture. It is not too sweet and is a light indulgence. IMO, the raspberry coulis does not enhance the flavor of the dessert much.

Score: 4.0/5.0

Saint Honore L'Amore

Fragrant rose petal cream, strawberry compote, raspberry, choux pastry sitting on an almond tart. Laid on top of it, is a rose petal with water droplets that is actually syrup in disguise.

Not a big fan of rose cream, the choux pastry is really good and a fine accompaniment to the cream based dessert.

Score: 3.5/5.0


Macaron(not macaroon) with a fleur de sel caramel, sea salt caramel that is. Light and airy with a chewy tangy center of salted caramel. Highly enjoyable as a simple sweet treat but nothing impactful about the taste.

Score: 3.5/5.0


This is really a wonderful experience, both in terms of decor and food. However, I find the service to be a little lacking in the restaurant, probably as they are a little under-staffed as it is a little difficult to get the attention of the staff there - be it to get my order done, my water filled or my bill.

It is a lovely place for a first date though the location is a little obscure but yet surprisingly near to Lavender station. There is a new outlet in Mandarin Gallery which I believe makes it even easier for people to visit, and one that is opening soon in Scarlet Hotel.

30 Penhas Road
Singapore 208188
Tel: 62933121

Mandarin Gallery #02-33/34
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238897
Tel: 68369527

Scarlet Hotel
Add – 33, Erskine Road
#01-02 / 03 Singapore 069333
Opening soon...

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