Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Perla's Pastry Boutique

I am not a cake lover. I do not like cream. To win me over with cake and cream means that cake's quite some cake. Among the many shops in Takashimaya's food basement is my surprise find, Perla's Pastry Boutique.


Chantilly Al Ciocolato Bianco

This is one of the shop's best seller. Soft sponge cake with fresh Chantilly cream (whipped vanilla flavored cream), custard filling between the layers of cake and topped with delicious white chocolate shavings. 

For white chocolate haters, the general complaint is that white chocolate is too sweet. In this cake, the sweet white chocolate complements really well with the cake and cream, thus creating a milky and light taste that is not so sweet that it saturates. This little wonder of a cake is one of few cakes who managed to win me over. Do try it, you'll not be disappointed with the cake. It looks real pretty as well.

*the flower is not edible, so please attempt at your own risk if you do not believe me*

Score : 4.25/5.0

Mixed berry tart

Buttery and delicious tart base, laden with a layer of custard, topped with berry jelly and an assortment of fresh blueberries and raspberries. 

The berries brings with them a sour zing to the tart, leaving the job of sweetness delivery to the biscuit crust and custard. A bit sour but still berry nice.

Score : 4.0/5.0


This is truly a surprise find for me, and I would not have bought the cake and tart if not for an occasion and the friendly staff. According to the delightful and helpful staff, the cakes are baked fresh from Italian restaurant Valentino and moved there. There's 3 shipment a day, so you gotta be fast if you want to order one without pre-ordering. They do deliver for a fee of $20 unless it's an order of over $x(I can't remember how much, but both you and I knows that it need be high). If you are looking for a nice birthday cake, Perla should have you covered with the various sizes available, the cakes reviewed are all of the "petite" size(serves 2-3, or 1 :D).

Perla's Pastry Boutique
Takashimaya Shopping Centre                                9 Jalan Binka Singapore 588902
B2 #08-04A                                                                  Tel : 6462 2760
Opens Daily from 10am to 9:30pm                           Opens : 11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm(Tue-Fri)
                                                                                                      10an-10pm (Sat,Sun)     Closed on Monday 

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