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Ippudo Singapore Ramen

You like ramen? I love ramen. Some look out for the broth, some look out for the tanginess of the noodles. Me, I look out for both of them. It doesn't make sense if the broth suck and the noodle tasty, or vice versa right?

Ippudo Tao, the largest ramen chain in the world, having outlets from Japan to USA and then to Singapore. Heard that getting a seat during dinner time requires patience. Guess I got lucky as I got my seat immediately when I reach :D

Wall of Ramen (Bowls)


Shiromaru Motoaji Ramen (with tamago)

Thin noodles in a silky smooth, opaque  pork broth with Pork loin char siew and cabbage and as the greens accompanied with some pickled Ginger.

The noodles here are of the thin variety, and is available in different softness according to the customers' preference. Medium was chosen for this bowl. The noodles was cooked according to the choice, neither too soft nor too hard. Not usually a big fan of thinner noodles and that includes bee hoon or vermicelli, the noodles here are give quite a good kick with every slurp.

Now, the pool that everything is soaked in. It provides a nice mix of flavors while not being too flavorful. This will be great for those who prefers a lighter palette for their food. Served in a white bowl just like the broth and it's namesake, the whole ramen comes with 2 measly slices of pretty good char siew. The cabbage gave the ramen a nice crunch while the black fungus( 
黑木耳 = Black Wood Ears?) is cooked to a nice soft texture. Yummy. This ramen is for everyone.

Score : 4.0/5

Akamaru Kasaneaji Ramen (with tamago)

Be firm!

Chose the firm noodles here as I usually prefer my noodles to be more tangy. I'd thought the thin noodles would turn soggy over time easily. But nope, it doesn't turn soggy that fast in the shiromaru pool, but I would still recommend the firmer noodles for providing a better bite. Mmmm~

The broth is the one from the shiromaru, but further improved upon by the addition of miso paste and garlic oil. This is for those who love their food to be flavorful, and that's me. Just like it's name, aka=red, it is served in a red bowl.

This is after stirring in the two wonder ingredients. The soup is now decidedly more flavorful and packs more punch. Do you like your food with more flavor? Take the red bowl instead, I know I do.

Accompanied by the same veggies, another difference with the Shiromaru ramen is in the meat. The char siew here is made of pork belly, and the slice I got is composed of 90% fat. IT IS GOOD, with flavor bursting from every inch of the fat. This is another supporting case where fat = taste in food.


What is this?

Do you know what's this? In it contains roasted sesame which this little container will grind, making the ramen so much more fragrant. If you've been there, but did not try using this, do give it a try. If you do not know how to use it, here's a hint for you: Spin

Unfortunately, the egg is not good. Maybe the farm where they got the eggs from have chickens which can't run, cause the yolk is not runny at all! But seriously, it is a bit too overcooked.

Score 4.25/5.0


It is a good place for ramen, even more impressive considering it's a chain of restaurant, where the longer the chain is, the higher the probability of a weak link in the chain. The price is a bit on the higher side for ramen, but it is worth a try.

Ippudo Singapore 
@ Mandarin Gallery and UE Square


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