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Bugis Street Ming Kee Chicken Rice - Porridge

Chicken rice is really a staple dish consisting mainly of a staple food in every coffee shop and/or food court. White or roast chicken, chopped and slapped onto a bowl of chicken stock infused rice. Different places do it slightly differently, but more often than not, the taste is pretty standard and tastes pretty good.

To me, the rice is the performer of the dish and not so much of the chicken. If the chicken is good, it is an additional bonus. I was brought to this place by a friend, who told me that this is the (arguably) "The Best Chicken Rice in town!". Is it really the best Chicken Rice in town?


Chicken Rice

After my 5-10 minutes of queue, I finally got to order their specialty. I see the owner chopping chickens after chickens with quick precision and then I see something that you don't see elsewhere. Another guy was drowning some chickens in water and lifting the previous batch up and passing them to the chopping board.

Cold and tender chicken with thick skin

When I bite into the chicken, it is cold. Cold not from hanging on the rack for too long but cold because they were in the cold water for a while. The chicken is very tender and moist, most likely a result of the cold treatment from the owners. So do not be alarmed if the meat is slightly cold. The chickens used here definitely enjoyed a good load of food with not much of running as the lack of exercise is evident on the skin. Hurray for some and :S for some. The serving of chicken is very generous compared to their competitors' serving.

The rice is like the chicken, soft and plump with every grain nicely separated. Coupled with their own sweet soy sauce mix on the chicken and rice, the rice is fragrant and ever so slightly sweet that I lament the fact that they do not give enough rice to match with their generous amount of chicken. I need more rice~

The chili is pretty good, not too spicy but yet with a slight kick. The weakest link is the soup, it is...... pretty bland. I'll let the soup slide since I am not really there to drink the soup but the Chicken Rice itself, which is good.

Score: 4.25/5.0


I have to say, this is indeed one of the best Chicken Rice which differentiates itself by serving cold chicken. The plastic utensils given are quite clunky and felt a bit like children utensils. I would have preferred the usual metal ones, but again, who cares if the food is good.

To get to this coffee shop by foot, you will walk past the following: Bishan Junction 8 --> Bishan Library --> Long queue at the Koi Bubbletea -->  Shop & Save Supermarket --> BLK 511 Coffee Shop. Hope this helps any who wishes to go by foot but just lacks a sense of direction generally. The sign is an unmissable neon green sign and if you decide to drop by around meal times, will have a long line of people.

Bugis Street Ming Kee Chicken Rice - Porridge
Bishan Street 13 BLK 511

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