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Bon Chon 4 fingers Crispy Chicken

Chicken has got to be the most widely killed eaten birds among their avian brothers. We cook them in every other possible way - boil, steam, braise, roast and my personal favorite, deep fried.

Bon Chon 4 fingers crispy fried chicken, was inspired by Korean fried chicken, but it came from US. Why 4 fingers you ask? (I believe) If one is eating tasty  fried chicken the proper way, they will eventually utilise 4 fingers. But I know some who uses all 2, 3, 6, 8 or all 10. Besides fried chicken, there are also rice boxes and tofu for those who visits a fried chicken shop to get anything but fried chicken. Not me.


Soy Garlic Fried Chicken

There are 2 kinds of flavors available : Soy Garlic & Spicy. I've been a repeat customer here for many times and I recommend the Soy Garlic flavor.

I do not know how you count a piece of chicken wing as a piece, but normally if we do order a piece of chicken wing in the neighborhood coffee shop or hawker centre, we get the drumlet, the mid-joint and the wing. But in Bon Chon, a piece is either - 


Frankly speaking, I feel kinda cheated about the size:price ratio. But something pulls me back time and time again. The taste. Bon chon uses a double fried style on their lightly coated chicken, resulting in a thin and light crispy outer skin. Each piece of nicely fried golden chicken is then lightly painted with your choice of sauce.

Every bite is a crunch and delight with Bon Chon's own blend of slightly sweet and fragrant soy garlic sauce which is nicely soaked into the skin. An amazing thing is that the chicken here still tastes good and relatively crispy after quite some time(45 minutes)! This is amazing considering the chickens are covered with sauce; most fried items with sauces ladled on top or around can only but turn soggy and less tasty with every moving second. Sure the meat itself is not marinated, with the only seasoning coming from the sauce, but the crisp and the sauce adds all the savor to the chicken.

If you order a set, you will get a cup of soda and their crispy fries which looks like

The little seasoning of spices seems like a nice touch to the generic shoestring fries but I can't taste much of a difference. They do provide some thai chili sauce to go with the fries which levels up the taste a bit. 

Bon Chon's chicken is one of the better Korean fried chickens around town but patience you must learn if you want crispy fried chicken half-wings during the meals times, worth 
the effort it is.

Score : 4.5/5.0

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken
ION Orchard, #B4-06A

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