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Phew~ We have seen this concept locally first with Marche, then with the now defunct Shokudo in Raffles City Shopping centre, and now another eatery is now taking this concept again: Medz. Opening in basement 2 of the ghostly Orchard Central, this is hardly a place you'll stumble upon unless you're looking for it.

You know the concept - Get a card at the entrance, your table is there, so go ahead and walk around the food court, take your order and wait for the beep.


Seafood Paella 

A little disappointed when I received my paella, it was served on a plate and not in a mini pan. I kinda felt the mini pan is part of the experience of having paella. Anyways the paella is pretty decent and was finished pretty fast, thanks in large to the tiny serving. 

Score: 3.5/5.0

Hot Plate Chicken Cheese Mushroom,
Pita Bread

This is just a simple dish of small cuts of chicken kebab with cheese melted in and mushroom slices, all on a hot plate.

I can hardly taste the cheese that I can clearly see. Again, though the meat is tender, the flavoring weren't there and makes it a pretty forgettable dish.

The accompanying Pita bread I got for the meat proves to be slightly~ better with a nice chew and crisp.

Score: 3.0/5.0

Burgul Rice

Incorrectly described to me as tomato rice by the waitress, Burgul Rice is not rice but a pre-cooked wheat cereal which has a lower GI and nutrition than white rice. In other words, healthy rice substitute. The tomato part is correct though. This is my first affair with burgul and I am not very impressed. It is pretty oily with a rough chew that makes me regret for letting curiosity take the better of me.

Score: (-_-")

Apple crumble

There is a large selection of sweets for you to choose from after your meal, all standing in the wind. I can only manage to snap a picture as I was stopped by the staff there.

Hoping that the dessert can save the day and cheer up my slightly disappointing meal. I find the filling a tad sour and the overall apple crumble looking better than it tastes.

Score: 3.0/5.0

181, Orchard Road #B2-01/02/03, Orchard Central Singapore 238896

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