Sunday, June 5, 2011

Broaster's Chicken

Another fried chicken place. Nothing can really beat the taste of crispy birds that are born to be fried. It increases our body fat percentage and happiness at the same time :)

My first sighting of Broaster's Chicken is in a 7-11 in Seng Kang besides the cashier (what?!), now it's finally opened in as a full fledged restaurant in Serangoon Nex Level 1.

*Warning, the pictures in this post are taken with an iPhone 3GS*


Turkey drumstick set with 2 sides : $6.90( wedges and coleslaw)

What? Isn't it Broasters Chicken? Why turkey? 

Well, this turkey drumstick really catches the attention of me and my friends due to it sheer size (I do know turkeys are bigger birds than chicken), but the thought of a giant (hopefully crispy) drumstick turns me on. The  sight of a few dining-in customers grabbing the drumstick and eating it cavemen-style intrigues me too :D

When it arrived, it came sitting on a small tray, only to make it look bigger. The meaty part of the drumstick is almost as big as a fist.

The meat is not dry as what many would critique turkey for but instead soft and juicy. The skin of the turkey is not like KFC's Hot n'Crispy but more similar to the original recipe. I do not know how many herbs and spices they use but this recipe works. Broasters is just simple fried bird, and simple doesn't mean it's bad, it's good.

Score : 4/5

Wedges are crispy with just the right hint of flavor and not too salty like some place do them. 

Coleslaw is pretty generic. But again, generic coleslaw is pretty awesome for me.

Score : 4/5

Drinks which are the usual soda is DIY just like subway. 


For $6.90 a set, this turkey drumstick is filling, none too expensive and yet tasty. Broaster said that their chicken, or turkey for that matter, is cooked in a pressure fryer. Boy do the birds they use work well under pressure. Somehow I don't see it as a strong competitor against KFC nor Popeyes chicken. Maybe due to lack of marketing or appeal. The decor of the restaurant is plain and boring, but who cares if the food is competitively priced and affordable?

Broaster Chicken (Nex) (Nex to Macdonalds :P)
23 Serangoon Central
#B2-02/03/04 Nex
Singapore 556083

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