Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cold Stone Creamery

Located on the first floor ( #01-10) of Orchard Central, it is one of the few places which is able to boast a queue. The queue for it always deters me from joining, but I am interested in what is so special with something that is already around in Singapore, namely adding in "innings"(opposite of toppings) into ice cream and mixing them on the rock(a cold one) from outlets like Cold Rock Ice Creamery and Ice Cream Chefs. Some Singaporeans who had a taste of it overseas and locally were singing praises about it endlessly, saying that it provides a happy atmosphere when preparing your icy creamy treat. But aren't all ice cream places generally a happy place?

Closer Look
The ice cream mix is available in 3 sizes:
"Like it" $ 5.50, "Love it"$ 7.90 and "Gotta have it" $9.90 which is 4,6 and 8 ounce respectively.


Founder's favorite ("Like it" size)

Sweet cream ice cream mixed in with caramel, fudge, pecans and brownie. A simple enough mix that seems fail-safe. It is a full ball of ice cream, so fear not for horrifying "holes" that might be found in the cups of certain ice cream places, cheating u of a half or 1 ounce.

The mix is as predicted, fail-proof with a generous amount of brownies and pecans thrown in. The pecans are, as quoted by my lovely partner : " This pecan ar~ very nicely toasted ar~" which she was busily hunting for more pecans, with me thwarting her efforts as I too am on the hunt for the delicious crunchy bits.


However, the brownie could do with some moderation as the chewy brownie overwhelmed the taste of the ice cream itself, so much that I couldn't really taste the taste of the ice cream. Think founder likes his brownie a lot.

Score : 3.8/5

I was expecting a song or some jingle that was reported but all I get was the usual exchange of dollars and cents and return at the counter. But when I was looking back at the mixing counter, I coulda sworn I saw the mixer guy throwing the ball of ice cream in the air, catching whatever dust is on the way up and on the way down to that customer's order. I kid I kid, maybe it's just me being a tiny bit sour not getting a flying ice cream ball.

It is indeed nice, but I find nothing really different from the other ice cream offerings. For those still curious, it is still worth it to head down to try it out from one of their many thought out selections or create your own flavor. I hope that my next visit I might get to see some tricks.

*Go to their web page(link below), sign up for the "Birthday club" and receive a voucher for free ice cream redeemable on your birthday!*

Cold Stone Creamery
181 Orchard Central Road
#01-09/10 (S)238896
Tel: 6634 1015 | Fax – 6238 9420
Operating Hours
(Mon – Sun) 11am – 11pm 

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