Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Playstation Vita !!!

The original, grey colored Playstation was my first video game console. It was Sony's first foray into gaming using CD as the media, not cartridges which require blowing if the game does not load :D

Still remember my happiness when I finally got my own, after much bartering with my old man about the T&C leading to the purchase. Played it to death, literally(the console's). Then the widely popular Playstation 2 utilising the DVD format. This is another console which requires me to perform up to a certain standard to own. The current Playstation 3 is Sony's current generation console, using the blu-ray medium.

But enough of that, I'm sure many of you know what a PSP is as you can see many owners playing away in the MRT. At E3 2011, Sony just announced the successor to PSP, previously named "Next Generation Portable"(NGP), it is now officially called the "Playstation Vita", or PSV ? :) Wonder how many parents who intends to surprise their kids will get the wrong machine, I mean, PSP and PSV?

"Vita" means "life" in latin, and from Sony, the aim of the machine is to " blur the lines between interactive entertainment and reality" ?_?

 It sports 
5-inch multi-touch organic light emitting diode (OLED) as the front display
- Two analog sticks
- a touchable "ass" (a multi-touch pad on the rear)
dual cameras 
- six-axis motion sensors 
- three-axis electronic compass
"Check out my ass, Go on, you can touch it"
Oh, just to show how much a competitor is the iPhone and iPad is to the portable console market, this is available in Wifi and 3G/Wifi version, at the price of USD$249 and $299 each. One of Sony's marketing features of PSV is it's ability to connect to social media and well, play games. How is it going to do that? I guess we'll have to wait till the product is out end of this year. But seriously, I want it to play games, as is it's original identity and function. I am just curious about how they are going to make any revolution in gaming with 2 touch screens, or will it be left untouched?

source : kotaku.comhttp://blog.us.playstation.com/ 

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