Sunday, June 5, 2011

Molly Malone's Irish Pub

Fish & Chips, it's probably the most acceptable food among the young and old. My grandma likes a Fish & Chips, so do my old man, and so do I. Part of it's charm is probably due to it's simplicity and the fact that it's fried. I am saying I do like my fried stuff, as waistline-increasing as they are, I tell myself that I'll run it off next time. 

Enough about my own thoughts, Fish & Chips is a very safe choice if you are stumped and do not know what to order. You can find this dish everywhere, from the western food stalls in a canteen, coffee shop, to restaurants. Who knows one of the better ones are to be found in a pub? I have heard about Molly Malone's famous Fish & Chips for a while, and being a lover of this dish, I finally got to try it out.

Molly Malone's famous Fish & Chips     

Some consider a good Fish & Chips to ONLY be fried in batter, and not breaded. Me? I do not draw any lines, s'long as it makes me go "Mmm~", it's good. When it's served, I am impressed by the volume of food. 4 pieces of fish and a hearty amount of fries who look like wedges.

The batter is crispy and the fish soft and fresh, simple words of joy for a simple dish. But, maybe I caught the cook on a bad day(?), the fish inside, though fresh is very very tasteless. The tartar sauce helped to add flavor to it but for those who hate sauces, it might not be that nice for them. Fries are ordinary fries except they look like wedges.

Score : 3.5/5

Cottage Pie Chicken Mushroom Pie     

First thought when I got the dish is, "What the......That ain't cottage pie......Maybe their's is different.". When I lift the edible lid(pastry)......
You've been Punked!
"That ain't chicken......" So I got a Chicken Mushroom Pie instead of a cottage pie.

The mushroom sauce is watery and almost tasteless, and so is the chicken that is supposed to be braised. Maybe this is cause I am expecting a cottage pie instead of this, Nah~ This pie is really really ordinary. Ups for presentation, but nothing for taste.

Score : 2.5/5

The pub has got 2 levels, and every Wed, Thurs and Fri from 9pm onwards there's live performance. You can proceed to the second level if you want to enjoy your food and not trying to read lips.

I will probably go back to the pub for a 2nd try for the Fish & Chips, cause I do think I might have went there on a bad day.

56 Circular Road
Singapore 049411

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