Sunday, June 26, 2011

Manna Story

This is the story of Manna. Manna is neither a girl, nor a boy, nor a man. I seriously have no idea who or what Manna means so I shall stop this nonsense :P

I found Manna Story in the basement of Plaza Singapura's basement 2, among many other food choices in the same basement and building. From a little research, it seems Manna is found in lots of other places including US. The decor is that of a quaint little storybook-like house with pastel colors that makes one feel happy and welcomed. The waiters/ waitresses serving the customers are all korean who speaks good (americanized) english.


Side dishes

While waiting for my orders to arrive, these 4 selection of 'free' side dishes was served. Ikan bilis(as how I know it), veggies and some bean sprouts and carrot mix and of course kim chi as appetisers.

Chicken Bibimbap


+ Mixing


I hope that's the right way to eat this? But if you can see, the Bibimbap here is pretty authentic, and the bean paste sauce (Gochujang) is pretty spicy but yet pleasantly fragrant. Using the sauce to mix up the medley of sunny side up egg, meat, bean sprouts, crunchy veggies and rice, what you get is mouthful after mouthful of sapid Bibimbap that will leave you wanting more.

Score : 4.0/5.0

Chicken Bulgolgi

Sizzling it's way from the kitchen to the table is this plate of chicken bulgolgi. The portion is big, with plentiful pieces of marinated chicken, veggies and glass noodles. This is not (normally) a 1 man show, so get this if you have a partner or 2 to share with. I seriously would have expected much lesser in portions but am surprised by this amount. However, though the chicken is well done, the whole thing is a tad too soupy.

Score: 3.75/5.0


Manna's Story is a belly-warming one and I will read this story again soon, do try this story and share it with your friends.

Manna Story
Plaza Singapura

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