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Al-ameen Eating House

I was told about this eatery located around Kentridge Terminal and well within walking distance from NUS arts. Me, having not much of a sense of direction will definitely take quite some time to find it if not for my partner knowing the way to it.

The decor of the place looks like your regular Indian eating house with a main emphasis on the color yellow and green. They serve a number of food from the traditional Indian food like the all time Singaporean favorites pratas, murtabak, mee goreng to their own take on western food.


Naan ( Plain & Garlic )

I remember I told an Indian friend of mine once (from India) that I like Naan, and he said " once you see how it's made you wouldn't want to eat it" From what I know is Naan is flatbread baked in an oven, or rather on (the insides) the oven. Maybe that's what he finds disgusting, or maybe his oven back home is dirty?

Before any of you start shooting me, I kinda group prata and naan together. They are pretty similar of sorts, with Naan showing lesser visible oil, it just soothes my mind that its the healthier alternative (I think...).

On the menu, there's a variety of Naans to choose from, making my decision a bit "".(nan= difficult in chinese). To gauge how it tastes like, I chose the plain naan($1) and the garlic($2) for variety. It came to me in a little basket, all nicely cut up, great for sharing and for those who can't use a knife.

The garlic naan is brushed with garlic butter with pieces of garlic while the plain naan is... plain. The naan by itself is soft and chewy. For a $1 naan, its value and portions makes it quite worthwhile. Using my stomach as a gauge, 1-1.5 naan should fill you right up.

Honestly, I don't see much difference in taste between the garlic naan and the plain one despite the generous showering of garlic over it. As most people(I assume) will eat it with a saucy dish, the plain naan is a better buy instead.

Score : 3.25/5.0

Butter Chicken

This is my first time having Butter Chicken. I've always wondered why is 'Butter Chicken' called 'Butter Chicken', with name like this, I'd imagined it to be yellowish and not red. Turns out Butter Chicken does have butter in its sauce, and I am assuming the white sauce on the sauce is butter sauce as well. It sauce is a savory mix of spices that is not hot (again, I assume and generally equate red=hot). Chicken chunks are plentiful, but some of them are a little tough but none like some mistreated chicken breast that's dry and tough. Paired with the naan, it is quite the delightful and affordable lunch.

Score: 3.25/5.0


A single serving of Butter Chicken($7) with 2-3 pieces of naan can fill 2-3. Unless you over order, meals here can be pretty affordable. This is in consideration that generally Naan usually cost more than prata. This is an excellent place for a group lunch for students with its varied menu and low price, They have 5 outlets all over Singapore, from the east to the north to the west, so I believe there should be an outlet that isn't too far for you.

Al-Ameen Eating House

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