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Transformers : Dark of The Moon


"Transformers, more than meets the eye~". Anyone who watched any of the Transformers cartoon series, or came into contact with it in someway, should have heard of this tagline. Anthropomorphic alien robots who shapeshifts into vehicles and back to robot form, hence the name Transformers. It's history dates back to the 1980s, and the popular franchise movie is now in it's third and final(?) installation. Michael Bay is now trying to set things right with fans and critics alike from the widely hated Revenge of the Fallen, is he going to?

Before anything, I will say this, unless watching a film in 3D causes you direct bodily harm, watch this movie in 3D.  It was filmed with 3D cameras much like how Avatar is, with 3D in mind, not like some movies filmed with the conventional cameras and then converted to 3D just to cash in on the hype. The 3D is especially stunning when showcasing cybertronian technologies and the flying squirrel scene. For those who are watching it in IMAX 3D, try to sit at the last few rows or you will feel like you are too "into" the movie itself, often turning your head to scan the screen. But I think it is a general rule to sit near in the back rows to enjoy 3D.

Transformers : Dark of the Moon is anything but subtle, I hate spoilers, but what can you do if the title of the movie is already telling you 80% of the plot? Using the first human landing in 1969 on the *Spoiler alert* moon as the backdrop of the story, where humans found an alien spaceship (guess  which race of aliens it belongs to?). The story here, as said by lead actor Shia Labeouf in his interviews is smooth, IF this is a standalone movie. In reference to the previous 2 movies, it makes it seem like there are quite some plot holes. Seriously, I am not looking for plot holes, nor expecting a deep and enriching story here, neither should any of you who haven't watch the movie(if the previous 2 movies were any indication).

Much of the casting returns in this franchise. Shia LaBeouf is still the main character, who turns from an sudden hero-->unwilling hero-->whiny hero-wannabe in the course of 3 movies.


Sam's lover is transformed from dark hair Megan Fox to blondie, ex-Victoria's Secret Model and Brit  Rosie Hungtington Whiteley. This change(according to rumors) is due to Megan Fox being  disrespectful to director Bay, and is a pain to work with? The movie just goes to says she dumps him with no reason given. But no matter what it is, their role does not see much change. The job of Rosie in Transformers DOTM is simple : to hug and kiss Sam, to run around with him and surviving the destruction (in heels OMG), to shout the name "SAM~~~" numerous times in a shrill voice and to look like this for about 9 whole seconds in slow-mo.

What the ......

The explosions doesn't disappoint and is both spectacular and loud in the awesome Michael Bay-way. Some of the fight scenes are awesome but some of it really fall flat and ends so fast if you so decide to rub your tired eyes due to the drawn-out story in the middle. There are a bunch of robots that are either nameless, added in suddenly or very briefly mentioned which only the hard core fans can identify. My greatest peeve has got to be that, as awesome as the destruction scenes may be, Optimus is just not as Optimus-y and should  kick much more ass IMO. I need my Optimus to be an ass kicking leader of the Autobots.
Check out that ass~

This movie is drawn out way~ too long in the middle, trying to give us an alternative history lesson on top of the original history lesson which could probably be explained in 10 minutes? To fully enjoy this movie, pay a few bucks more for the 3D, enter the theatre with a light mood, have ample sleep prior, ask no questions to the story (as much as the plot holes are as numerous as the craters of the moon) and have fun!

Score : 3.4/5.0

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