Friday, July 8, 2011

Baskin Robbins


Another premium Ice Cream franchise is hitting Singapore (one more time). Baskin Robbin decides to set up shop in the newly opened mall in the heartlands - Clementi Mall (and Novena Square too). How is it going to differentiate itself from it's (slightly lower) priced competitors?

It is available in 2 scoop sizes, Junior and Value at 2.5 and 4.0 ounce. It is going for $4 and $5 per scoop respectively. Ice cream Cakes are also available, and will require 3 days to bake(?). The Service staff is very friendly and will gladly give you a tiny taste of the flavors with a smile. Thumbs up for the service. 

Ordered 3x 2.5 oz scoops

Flavor : Praline N Cream (top)

Ice cream with caramel and big chunks of candied praline covered pecan and caramel ribbon(what?). The highlight of this flavor is in it's carefully toasted pralined-pecans that have me and my partner hunting for it. The staff is smart enough to tempt me with one piece of it in the tiny sample. The overall sweetness might be too much for those who can't take sweet stuff.

Flavor : Old Fashion Butter Pecan ( Bottom Left)

Fragrant butter pecan ice cream with tiny bits of butter roasted pecans mixed in. Tastes just like what you'd expect. A simple light taste.

Flavor : World Class Chocolate (bottom right)

A tempting mix of both white and dark chocolate ice cream. I can't taste the white chocolate in the ice cream, but the chocolate ice cream is alright.

Praline Pecan - The highlight


Wait where's the score? Baskin Robbins forgot to add in "with generous amounts of ice crystals" in their ice cream description. All three flavors had bits of ice crystals in every few scoops and felt really "airy". This is nothing short of unacceptable for a "premium" ice cream and the higher price(than its competitors) it commands. Even my paddle pop can do better in the ice crystal department at about 1/10th the price. Overall I think Baskin Robbins really lives up to their name, robbin' me.

I can only but hope it do some serious QC or that it's a one off event as crushing these ice crystals is gonna do the same to their brand name as well.

Score : 2.75/5.0 
(score is inclusive of the great service)

Baskin Robbins Singapore
Velocity@Novena Square     
Clementi Mall

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